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Duke shfaqur 1-24 e rezultateve 59

Modele të tjera 3D në Flatpyramid.

Shfaqja e kulturës fizike në përgjithësi dhe sportive në veçanti, disa nga teoritë:

– “Game theories”, at the origins of which F. Schiller stood and who later developed Bücher, Groos and Leturno, view all human culture, including physical culture, as the development of game activity. In modern philosophy, the most famous proponent of game theories is Johan Huizinga. The theories of the game are adjoined by the “theory of excess energy” by G. Spencer, which can also be considered as a variety of them; According to this theory, primitive man, who needed to release excess energy, improved movements (play and dance), which allowed it to be most successfully done.

– “The theory of magic” (Reinac, later Dim, Kerbe, Gillette) connects the emergence of physical culture with the need to train and improve imitating labor and hunting of dances and magic rituals

– the materialistic theory, or the “theory of labor” (proposed by G. V. Plekhanov and developed by N. I. Ponomarev) considers as sources of almost all modern types of physical culture and sports types of labor activity